Ebook Big Book TOEFL 2014 PDF

Ebook Big Book TOEFL 2014 PDF

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardized test of English proficiency for non-native English speakers. TOEFL is used as one of the requirements for admission to colleges and universities. It is also increasingly utilized in the professional world as a mechanism for recruitment and career advancement.

TOEFL assesses three aspects of English language proficiency: Listening Comprehension, Structure & Written Expression, and Reading Comprehension. Facing the TOEFL requires more than just studying these three aspects; it also demands tactics and strategies to achieve a satisfactory score.

Big Book TOEFL is a smart solution for those preparing to take the TOEFL because it offers:

Information about TOEFL, crucial for first-time test-takers.

Comprehensive Material Coverage, thoroughly explained with sample questions and explanations.

Tips and Tricks, featuring strategies for answering questions based on common question patterns.

FIVE Practice Test Packages, complete with answer keys and explanations.

Word Corner, to enhance your vocabulary repertoire.

With the advantages of Big Book TOEFL, you are expected to be better prepared to face the TOEFL. Happy studying, and may you succeed with a TOEFL score of 550, 600, or even 650!

Info Info
Book Title Big Book TOEFL
Authors Estiwi Retno Purnaning, Alvina Kusuma, Nurul Hudha & Anggia Eka
Publisher Cmedia

Download Ebook Big Book TOEFL 2014 PDF

Download Ebook Big Book TOEFL 2014 PDF

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